About us

Trust Real Lawyers With Your Tickets.

The story of our founder says it all. Attorney Michael Jaafar started his career as a public defender in 2006. At that time, Michael handled dozens of cases a week representing those who could not afford to retain their own attorneys.

He realized at that time that thousands of individuals around the state could be helped by an attorney that fights traffic tickets, DUI tickets, and misdemeanor charges. But even if those individuals wanted to hire an attorney, the barriers were very high. Between the high fees that some attorneys charge, and the intimidation factor of meeting an attorney and driving to their office, and the uncertainty about the total fees for that attorney’s time since some attorneys charge extra per hearing, many people just decide to represent themselves and hope for the best. Or even worse, some individuals decide to just ‘pay the fine,’ and accept the increases insurance costs for the next 3 years.

And that is where the problems begin. By not having an attorney represent them from the beginning when they receive tickets, people accumulate points, license suspensions, and criminal records that are difficult to recover from. They become pegged as problem drivers; forced to spend years trying to recover from the burden that society places on them while attempting to buy auto insurance, get jobs, or keep their drivers license valid.

That is where the seeds for Roadside Attorneys™ were planted. Michael realized that Americans could be very well served by a law firm that charged a simple, flat, and transparent price for high-quality legal representation to anyone. So, Michael developed a web app where individuals could hire his firm by simply taking a picture of their ticket, and uploading it to his firm so he and his colleagues can represent them. And with his internal software and technology, his firm can focus on what matters—representing their clients. You do not need to have a lot of money or know an attorney personally in order to have someone fight for you in court; you do not need to make an appointment and take the day off work to meet the attorney to hire them.

At roadside attorneys, we provide everyone a solution that makes sense. Our promise is this…

  1. When you hire us, you are hiring a real law firm, with real lawyers.
  2. We have leveraged technology to make us efficient and save you money.
  3. We have streamlined the retention process, so you can hire us with a click of a button on your phone.
  4. Our pre-trial fees are flat and transparent.