Frequently Asked Questions

Trust Real Lawyers With Your Tickets.

1How do you remove the points for my ticket?
Whenever an individual receives the citation from a police officer, that individual has the absolute right to challenge the citation—no matter what the citation is for. When you hire us, our lawyers file their appearances on your case and request a formal hearing at the court. Unless you are charged with a misdemeanor, you do not need to attend that hearing (although you can if you want to). At that hearing, our attorneys challenge the evidence against you by using their training, and our 14- point checklist, and many times the prosecutor offers a deal wherein your points are either eliminated or reduced. There are exceptions to that rule. Furthermore, you are backed by our Zero Point Pledge, where we pay you $200 if you receive any points, on certain civil infractions*. Click for details
2Does your firm handle other types of cases?
Yes. Our firm handles many different cases including position cases, drug cases, disorderly conduct cases, shoplifting cases, and other types of misdemeanors. Please call us if you would like to hire one of our attorneys.
3Is your fee flat? Do I have any other fees?
The only extra charge on our fee is in the event that we have to take your case to trial. Trails are completely separate, and are discussed on a case by case basis. Also, our fee does not include any court costs.