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, (hereafter “Client”) retains and employs Roadside Attorneys, (hereinafter “Attorneys”) to represent Client as legal counsel (hereafter “Services”) in connection with:

1. Client email for all notices and correspondence:

2. Ticket/Matter:

3. Jurisdiction:

4. Attorneys agree to represent Client in defense of the matter noted above. For purposes of this Agreement, the terms ‘matter, ticket, or ticket/matter are used interchangeably but are one in the same.

5. Client agrees to pay a non-refundable fee of (“FEE”).

A. A Court will almost always impose COSTS and FINES. Any COSTS and FINES imposed by the Court are separate and NOT covered by the FEE. Client will need to pay these to the Court within one (1) week of when they are imposed, or sooner if the court demands. The COSTS and FINES vary. Attorneys will update the website and email the COSTS and FINES by the end of the day when your Ticket/Matter is set for hearing. Client is responsible to check the email provided above and/or the website for updates and information.

B. The FEE does not cover any appeal. If Client wishes Attorneys to provide representation in an appeal, a new a separate agreement and fee arrangement will have to be negotiated.

C. Zero Point Pledge: The goal is to avoid points being assessed to a Client’s driving record at the conclusion of the matter. Of course, no attorney can guarantee success. But, as proof of our commitment to reaching the goal, Attorneys promise to pay Client who meets the conditions listed below $200 if Client receives any points on their license from the Ticket/Matter that Client hired Attorney to fight. This promise is made to only to a Client who meets all of the following conditions: a) Client has no traffic Ticket/Matters in past 4 years; b) Client did not exceed 15 miles over the posted speed limit; c) Client was not issued a Ticket/Matter in a school/construction zone; d) Client was not involved in an accident; e) Client’s Ticket/Matter was not issued in any cities that fall within the 15th District Court or 19th District Court; f) Client’s Ticket/Matter does not contain more than one offense charged on it. In other words, while we cannot guarantee a result, we are confident in our ability to represent you and to reach the goal of no points being assessed against your license if you are and have been a good driver, notwithstanding the current speeding Ticket/Matter you have been issued. District Court, 19th District Court (5) has more than one offense on it.

6. Client agrees to fully cooperate with Attorneys.

7. No representation has been made to the Client concerning the probability of success as to their case. The Client also acknowledges and understands that she/he retained Attorneys and no representations have been made regarding which lawyer will represent her/him. Further, Client agrees that Attorneys may substitute a lawyer not associated with the firm to represent the Client. The Fee will not change if such a lawyer is substituted in for Attorneys.

8. Client agrees that the representation ends when the proceedings concerning the Ticket/Matter noted above are concluded.

9. In a civil infraction, a person who receives a traffic citation, and is represented by counsel does not have to appear, if the person has given counsel authority to settle the dispute. Client authorizes Attorneys to settle the violation/civil infraction for which the Ticket/Matter noted above was written including entering a plea of responsible. Attorney may also settle the matter by entering a plea of responsible on Client’s behalf for any citation that is equal to or lesser than the original citation. Client further authorizes Attorneys to write letters on clients behalf to the court or municipality that issued the citation admitting Client’s responsibility but requesting a reduction in the points and only assessing fines to Client. That would be in lieu of attending a court hearing.

10. Client agrees and understands that notices about the matter will be sent only via the email provided above, and that Client is responsible for checking their email daily until the representation is concluded. Client understands that important messages about Court FINES and COSTS, due dates, and court hearings are going to be sent to the email. If Client does not have an email, then Client must call the office once per week in order to see the status of the matter. Furthermore, Client hereby gives Attorney’s permission to text them on the number they provided, and that a text message shall be considered the same as an email for notice purposes.

11. If Client attempts to retain Attorneys within 72 hours of a hearing & Attorneys accept the case, Attorneys may not be able to cover the hearing due to the short notice and will work to reschedule the hearing.

12. The Client understands that should she/he appear on the date of the hearing on the Ticket/Matter noted above and if her/his lawyer is in another courtroom at the time of the hearing, then Client is to wait for her/his lawyer.

13. It is the sole responsibility of the Client to keep Attorneys informed of any changes to personal information, including, but not limited to address, cell phone number & email address. Any financial liabilities incurred due to the Client failing to inform Attorneys of such changes, are the sole responsibility of the Client.

14. Fees and Payment(s). When you receive a price quotation, you will have two payment options to choose from before submitting your Ticket/Matter to ATTORNEYS: (i) you may authorize ATTORNEYS to charge your credit card the full amount of the price quotation upon acceptance of your Ticket/Matter by ATTORNEYS (“Acceptance”) or (ii) you may choose to utilize Attorneys’ Payment Plan Service . Our Payment Plan Service means that you authorize ATTORNEYS to charge your credit card fifty percent (50%) of the price quotation upon Acceptance, twenty - five percent (25%) one month after Acceptance, and the remaining twenty - five percent (25%) two months after Acceptance. In the event that you choose the Payment Plan Service , the authorization hold on your credit card will be for: (a) fifty percent (50%) of the price quotation upon Acceptance. Notwithstanding anything in this agreement to the contrary, in the event that you fail to make any payment under the Payment Plan Service when due, Attorneys reserve the right to withdraw from your case; furthermore, Attorneys may assess a $50 late fee if and when any of your payments are declined, and may require you to pay the entire balance plus the late fee immediately for them to continue representing you.

15. You represent and warrant that you have the right to use any credit card that you submit in connection with a transaction for the Services. By submitting such information, you grant to us the right to provide such information to third parties for purposes of facilitating the provision of the Services. Verification of information may be required prior to the acknowledgment or completion of any payment transaction. By submitting such information, you authorize ATTORNEYS to charge you the price from the quotation for the Services.

16. Submission and Qualification of Ticket/Matters. Once you receive a traffic Ticket/Matter you can upload your traffic Ticket/Matter with us by visiting When you enter your information on that site, you will receive a quote for the amount of fees that would be required for you to receive the Services. If you then choose to submit your Ticket/Matter, you will be asked to supply certain relevant information, such as your credit card number and its expiration date and your billing address, and we will place an authorization hold on your credit card for the full amount of the price quotation upon such submission. After you submit your Ticket/Matter, we will process the information on your Ticket/Matter to determine whether or not you qualify to receive our Services. We will not provide services in connection with all traffic Ticket/Matters and reserve the right to refuse to provide services to certain customers in our sole discretion, including, but not limited, to those customs who have received criminal or serious traffic Ticket/Matters, Ticket/Matters involving alcohol, Ticket/Matters in which there is a serious injury or fatality, Ticket/Matters that are received by minors or Ticket/Matters that require your individual personal appearance (i.e., where an attorney could not appear in court on your behalf). If you do not qualify for the Services: (i) you will be notified that your Ticket/Matter has not been accepted and that we will not be able to provide you with Services in connection with the traffic Ticket/Matter you submitted; and (ii) the authorization hold on your credit card will be released and your credit card will not be charged in connection with such Ticket/Matter. This will not prohibit you from submitting additional or different traffic Ticket/Matters in the future and we welcome all future submissions as qualification decisions are made on a case - by - case basis

17. You represent and warrant that all information that you provide to us on or through the ATTORNEYS Properties will be truthful and accurate.

18. Client acknowledges she/he has read this contract, received a copy, and agrees to its terms and conditions. There are no other agreements, oral or otherwise, between Client and Attorneys.

/s/_________________________________ Client

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