Trucking Tickets

Trust Real Lawyers With Your Tickets.


Having a commercial driver’s license is a huge responsibility. When employers hire commercial drivers, they want to ensure they are hiring someone who is a responsible, careful and safe driver. It is important to know how getting a traffic ticket while driving a Commercial Motor Vehicle, or while driving a non-commercial motor vehicle, will affect your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and potentially, your career as a driver. Hiring an attorney to help defend you may be imperative to your career.


When an employer is looking at your driving record, they are making important decisions about you as an employee and as an insured. It is not highly likely that having a ticket or two over a long span of time will negatively affect a potential employer’s decision about hiring you as a Commercial Driver. However, different states have different laws and sometimes, and one ticket may be enough to affect your career. If you have been ticketed regularly in a short time span for poor or reckless driving, then your employer is likely to view you as an irresponsible driver. Furthermore, an employer may be concerned that insurance companies will deny you coverage and you may be unable to obtain insurance for a commercial vehicle. As an individual with a commercial driver’s license, driving related tickets may significantly affect your chances of being hired as a commercial driver. A good driving record is crucial when you hold a Commercial Drivers License and handling driving related tickets should be left to an experienced team of lawyers.


How a ticket will affect your commercial driver’s license depends on several different factors. The most important of those factors is why you received the ticket. A ticket for a speeding violation, or a ticket for a parking violation may not have harsh penalties. However, if you receive multiple tickets for speeding or parking violations in a short time span the penalties may be more serious.

Other kinds of traffic tickets may disqualify you from keeping your Commercial Driver’s License and may prohibit you from applying for one in the future. More serious offenses, including but not limited to, operating under the influence of a controlled substance, leaving the scene of a commercial motor vehicle accident, committing a felony using a commercial motor vehicle, manslaughter and fleeing/eluding a law enforcement officer may result in revocation of your CDL.